ONLINE WORKSHOP: Step into the future and become 5D Human
What is your Soul calling? What are your Heart Desires?

What the future holds for us is a question that many of you have probably been asking yourself for some time, and the fact is that as a humanity, we have come to a turning point that will decide which direction we will go. And this future lies in our own hands and depends primarily on us, you and I, as well as collectively.


I am convinced that it is the desire of all those who read these lines that our planet Earth becomes a place of peaceful cooperation, harmony, freedom and abundance.


And now, as ever, it is possible, because the Earth is intensely moving into the 5D dimension. This means that the frequency of the Earth rises and, as a result, offers all of us the opportunity to ascend with it into higher vibrations. This means that you are given an opportunity to let go of old programs that no longer serves you and us, and enter into frequencies of peace, harmony, compassion, truth, abundance, and live our lives from the heart and listen to the soul call.


What is your soul path? What does your heart want? How to live it here on Earth?


To help you answer these questions, we have established a special one-on-one workshop / session where we will activate the 12 chakras and illuminate them with the help of the Archangels, who, Together with the Other Beings of Light, are currently very active in helping the planet Earth. We will connect to a 5-dimensional crystal grid around the Earth and feel her pulse. Then with all our love and devotion, we will devote ourselves to our heart chakra. With the final part of grounding new energies.


Workshops or the meetings will be held individually only and through an online communication tool (Skype or Zoom).


When you sign up, you will first receive free instructions and first guided meditation. After that, if you decide, an individual online meeting will follow, where more in-depth work will be ahead of you. You will be sent date options to book-in (note: if the dates do not suit you, we can arrange a new appointment later) and meeting instructions.


The workshop is about 3 hours.


The price for the workshop is exceptionally only 33 euros.


Apply and more information here: 


Workshops are run by:

Mojca Koprivnikar

Diana Cooper School of White Light Certified Angel Teacher

Laluna, Mojca Koprivnikar s.p.
Njegoševa c. 19b
1000 Ljubljana
Tel: +386 51 305 224

Working Time:

For Individual Sessions Call or book by email.


For Group Sessions And Workshops Look at Event section or Book.

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