Meet Angels&Archangels

A set of 5 workshops, where you will get to know the first five archangels and connect with them on a deeper level, so that they will become your life helpers and support you at life's challenges.


You will learn how each individual angel and archangel can help you and in what area of ​​your life. I will introduce you to how you can connect with them, who they are, what their mission is, and how they work.


The most important thing will for you will learn how they can help you to a lighter, more beautiful, harmonious, loving, perfect life and how to use them to direct their energy to raise your vibration (rise above the challenges that limit you), how to use the wisdom of angels and archangels in everyday life and challenging situations ... 


The Workshop sets are suitable for everyone: those who will meet the angels for the first time or you already know them and connect with them.


In any case, you will receive an "energy evolution" that will take you a step forward in your spiritual and personal development. higher.


Presentation of the first 5 workshops for which applications are already open (see below).

Workshop Meet the Archangel Michael - expressing your truth


This workshop is for you, if you have trouble expressing your thoughts and just have a hard time expressing what you think, have a hard time expressing your opinion. You want to step out and be what you are, but “something” holds you back. You have a feeling or feel that you need a little more courage and inner strength for the next steps of life. You want to transform the energy bonds (with someone or something) that limit you.


Price: 33 eur

When: Saturday, September 5, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.


Workshop Meet the Archangel Chamuel - Healing and Opening the Heart 


This workshop is for you if you are facing with heart challenges. You want to forgive someone, you have resentment towards someone or something, you are often sad, lonely, find it harder to connect with people and are afraid to open your heart to them, because of past pain and hurt, and so on.


Archangel Chamuel will embrace you in unconditional love and help you to find yourself again. Connect with your heart and in the safe place of the Archangel open your heart again and experience higher levels of love…


Price: 44 eur

When: September 19, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.


Workshop Meet the Archangel Gabriel - clarity and my next step in life


This workshop is for you if you have found yourself at some kind of turning point in your life and you don’t know how to take a step forward. You may be a little in the “fog” and need more clarity in your life.


Archangel Gabriel carries pure white energy that can “purify” your thoughts&emotions when there are too many/to little of them and / or are confused and can illuminate your way forward.


Price: 44 eur

When: September 26, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.


Workshop Meet the Archangel Uriel - for more self-confidence, determination and peace in your life


This workshop is for you if you want to work on your self-value, you want more self-confidence and to be more determined and express your power in a peaceful way (often we express our power in a destructive way that can others).


Archangel Uriel is the “guardian” of the solar plexus and can therefore help you with the challenges of this chakra.


Price: 44 eur

When: October 3, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Workshop Meet the Archangel Jophiel and connect with the Higher Self


This workshop is for you if you would like to learn how to connect with your Higher Self and receive and hear its message. Extremely interesting workshop, where each individual will be able to ask his Higher Self what it wants to communicate to you - channeled the message…


We will look at the ways in which the Higher Self communicates to us and how it works…


The Price: 33 eur

When: October 10, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.


You can attend all the workshops or only the ones you feel are called on to or attracts you.


The Applications for individual workshops are already OPEN: you can apply via email or via tel. 051 305 224


Other pen workshops (individually):


Activation of the 12th chakra and your spiritual and personal evolution into the 5th dimension


The Coming workshops: Meet the 5 Archangels (how they can help you) working on the 5 "new" chakras (Stellar Gate, Soul Star, Causal Chakra, Navel Chakra and Earth Star)


Mojca Koprivnikar

Certified Angel Teacher of Diana Cooper School of White Light 

Laluna, Mojca Koprivnikar s.p.
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NOTE: School of Natural Health Science (Professional Relaxation Therapy) in accredited by The International Institute for Complementary Therapists, The International College of Holistic Medicine, The International College of Holistic Medicine, British Holistic Medical Association

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