Meditation Meet Your Aquarian Guides

The Age of Aquarius (or the 5-dimensional (new) consciousness is coming to Earth). 


It speaks of an advanced spiritual individual forming a community. The age brings a huge amount of change, but the most important thing is that one will realize that the most advanced technology is INSIDE US, where it all begins. Everything else is a complete illusion.


Since the time has irrevocably come to turn to ourselves and "connect" to our inner technology, which is the essence of the New Age of Light and Freedom and the New Consciousness, the spiritual guides of the Age of Aquarius have come to invite you to a very special meditation, where we will Connect with the guides of the Age of Aquarius to guide us on our way to the New Age ...


They will give us messages about the new age of Aquarius and what we can expect from it as a society and each individual. What is important to you and what we are leaving.


Above all, you will be able to connect with the guides of the Aquarius age who will deliver messages to you. These guides are probably (in the background) already working with you, and through meditation they will become a conscious part of your life - your helpers and guides.


Content of the meditative event: meditation - meeting with the guides of the Aquarius age, about the New Age, New Consciousness, meditation - connection with a 5-dimensional crystal network, channeled messages, various ...


When? on Wednesday, 21.10. 2020 at 6 pm (approx. 1.5 hours until 2 am)


Where? In Ljubljana (* due to the increased corona measures, the event will most likely take place online, via Skype tools, so it is important that you have it downloaded to your phone or computer. If there are miraculous changes, the event will be live, in Ljubljana).


Price: 22 eur (paid no later than the day before the event)


Applications and additional information: / 051 305 224

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