INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS: 12. chakra Activation

What does 12 chakra activation mean? Why 12 chakras?


The Activating the 12 chakras is the next step in the evolution of humanity. It is the opening and activation of light codes that take a person to a higher level of being and existence.
















What does it mean if you have all 12 chakras fully operational?


This is an advanced person who has access to the mysterious knowledge and divine wisdom of the Universe. It reveals to a person how to put that wisdom into practice. It reveals a wider picture of his life, mission. This person becomes the Master of its life. Lives from the heart.


By regularly practicing the 12th chakra meditation, there is more and more light in your body and aura and the whole Truth is revealed to you slowly. You are becoming free. As you learn the Truth about the meaning of life, you become the bringer of Peace and Harmony ...


As the Earth transits into the 5th dimension, the activation of the 12 chakras to the fifth dimension is the next step in gradually aligning with the new energies and bringing them to Earth. 


I invite you to a special individual session, where with a special meditation and process you will be able to activate 12 chakras on the 5th dimension with the support of the archangels who are currently intensively helping the planet Earth in these transformative times…


You can apply in different ways:


Via email and  I will send you what your next step is:


By phone: 386 51 305 224


Mojca Koprivnikar

Certified Angel Teacher of Diana Cooper School of White Light 

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