Clearing and opening Heart with Archangel



WORKSHOP: 19. september, 11h - 14h

INDIVIDUAL: on request

We are on the threshold of change. The process of cleansing and opening the heart chakra is going on intensively. Catch this extraordinary wave of energy and join us in a workshop where we will recognize and transcend the limitations and patterns of 3D and 4D, and cleanse and open our heart center to the transition to 5D.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for you if:

- you are called by the heart and / or the Archangel Chamuel or the Archangel Charity,

- you are faced with t.i. "heart" challenges in relationships (you give a lot in relationships, but you don't receive back, you always have the same goals in relationships in your life),

- you are often disappointed in relationships and what you want doesn't happen to you,

- you want to forgive someone, but you can't,

- you have resentment towards someone or something,

- you are often sad, lonely, find it harder to connect with people and are afraid to open your heart to them, because of past pain and hurt,

- you are in search or realization of your heart's desires, but "something" still stops you on this path,

- you face the lifting of "things" from the past and childhood,

- you want to hug and comfort your inner child,

- you want to experience the unconditional love of Nadangel Chamuel & Charity and

- you want to learn how to bring the energy of the angels of love into your everyday life and help yourself with them in "finding" soul friends, partners, etc.

- you are wondering all about what Love is or maybe where Love "went" today ...

Archangel Chamuel & Charity will embrace you in unconditional love and help you to find yourself again, your lost pieces, embrace them, comfort them, embrace your heart, connect with him in the safe embrace of Archangel, open him and experience higher level love.

You are invited to embrace gentle, soft energies. Your heart will be grateful to you.

Indicative content of the workshop:

- How to connect with Archangel Chamuel & Charity to help you

- cleansing, healing and opening the heart chakra,

- heart chakra at 5D and why it is important in the transition to 5D,

-how to direct its energy to raise the vibration or. how to handle when you find yourself in low vibration,

-how it works and how you can use angelic wisdom in everyday life,

-energetic insight into the situation that presents you with a challenge,

-channel messages,

-English visualizations and meditations,

-practical exercises for personal growth.

The workshop is suitable for everyone, but it is recommended that you already have some experience with meditation and t.i. partly on itself.

In any case, you will receive an "energy evolution" that will take you a step forward in your spiritual and personal development. higher…

The number of participants is limited due to the quality of work with each individual.

The price of the workshop is: 33 euros

When: Saturday, September 19, from 11.00 to 14.00 (applications open until 17.9.2020 or until the places are filled)

Location: in Ljubljana or online (depending on the crown of measures) - exact location known later



Applications and info:

Mojca Koprivnikar

Diana Cooper School of White Light Certified Angel Teacher

Eternal Light Healer ®

Occupational relaxation therapist after SNHS

Laluna Angel Academy

e-mail: / 051 305 224

Laluna, Mojca Koprivnikar s.p.
Njegoševa c. 19b
1000 Ljubljana
Tel: +386 51 305 224

NOTE: School of Natural Health Science (Professional Relaxation Therapy) in accredited by The International Institute for Complementary Therapists, The International College of Holistic Medicine, The International College of Holistic Medicine, British Holistic Medical Association

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