Angel Workshops, Healing Sessions, Readings and Meditations
As A Qualified Teacher of Angels of Diana Cooper School of White Light I am offering you Angel Workshops, Healing Sessions, Readings and Meditations with Archangels, Angels and Light Beings of White Brotherhood. With them I m empowering you to connect with your light within and the sacred mysteries of the Universe. Working with Angels will improve your life  intensely in many (all) areas of your life. Archangels, Angels and other Beings of Light are of Great assistance to us and whole Humanity and are always here to help us in many miraculous ways. Our task is to call on them and allow them to work their way. 
...tells how Angels can transform your whole life and help you to achieve what your Heart and Soul desires. They are of Great Service to Us all the time. I have transformed my life completely since working with them. They assisted me with resolving childhood issues and relationships and overcoming energies of lower vibration (sadness, loneliness, anger, fear, resentment etc.). All my relationship have improved and as a consequence I have helped some of the people close to me. I also visited    psychotherapist years ago but the most effective with overcoming issues and raising my vibration happened when I started intensely working with Archangels and Angels. Everything in my Life became easier and lighter. Intuition became strong and I m able to live my life through Heart instead of Head. Everyday I gain some new knowledge and wisdom from Angels, Archangels and Light Beings.  And I m deeply Greatfull from all my Heart that Angels entered my Life and are now here to help and support you to through my physical being.
ANGEL WORKSHOPS: Look at    Events section for next Angel Workshop & Workshop Theme
ANGEL (HEALING) SESSIONS: One-to-one healing sessions with Angels and Archangels. Online and In person. *Special session: Activating 12 chakras with Archangels*
ANGEL READINGS: If you have an issues Angels and Archangels can assist you with information channeled through.
ANGEL MEDITATION: Look for Evetns section.
*NOTE: all workshops, healing sessions, readings and meditaions can be done one-to-one in person and online via Skype, Zoom.
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NOTE: School of Natural Health Science (Professional Relaxation Therapy) in accredited by The International Institute for Complementary Therapists, The International College of Holistic Medicine, The International College of Holistic Medicine, British Holistic Medical Association

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