I am Mojca Koprivnikar, A Qualified Teacher of Angels of Diana Cooper School of White Light, SNHS dipl. Professional Relaxation Therapist and Eternal Light Healer® and also Preschool Assistant Teacher.

Fro many Years I have worked as a Journalist for different Slovenian, to public well known Magazines. I have covered different Thems form Health, Medicine to Alternative Medicine to different Healing Methods. I have written many interviews with doctors of conventional medicine as well with alternative medicine healers. But I interviewed also many people who healed themselves with alternative medicine and healing methods.

I also have many experiences with working with children. I worked as a Preschool Teacher Assistant in Montessori Kindergarten as well as other private kindergarten in Slovenia for a couple of years. After that I worked in a Childcare Center were we had different sport activities for kids as well as basic child care and Birthday Parties for Children. Next to this I lead a meditative and creative workshops for kids.

I have been working on my self-development for more then 12 years now. I have used many methods and techniques to help and support myself when I struggled with difficult    (or so called low energies) and family karmic patterns. This was very difficult and painful     period of my life when I though it will never end and patterns keep coming up ... this is why I had to traveled very deep to release it and eventually  I was refiled  and with every day my life became more beautiful and easier and of course also relationships and everything become clear. I could say that at one point I hit a rock bottom and from there on life became something very different. I still have struggles, of course, because we are Human beings and we learn all the time but is different to cope with them, easier and I feel free. Patterns      (thoughts and emotions) no longer control me like they did before. 

I also was visiting   psychotherapist for almost 5 years. In combination with working with Angels it helped me to overcome life challenges and I became who I am today.

Working with Angels helped me a lot and gave me a wider picture of Life and Universe and our existence in them - wisdom and Knowledge that it is almost impossible to gain with what we have at this moment on planet Earth. Angels help in many  unique ways which are    unique to you and only for you. They help you with raising your vibration and you can approach your life challenges with different energy point and view. They help you solve patterns, relationships and any challenges through your heart. I am 100 % sure that angels can help us to reach the life we always wish for. As well Unicorns. But I like to work with Unicorns with Children because they are more open to so high  frequency  unicorn radiate.

Working and connecting with Angels and White Beings on a daily basis eventually lead me     to recognition that one day I will help other people with the help of Angels. I have a Soul contract with Angels and Archangels and I m committed to spreading Light. This lead me to Diana Cooper and her School of White Light where I finished Training and today  I m Qualified Angel Teacher at Diana Cooper School of White Light.  

And because I also like to keep things grounded and it is also very important     for  changes to manifest on this physical  dimension, I am also a Professional Relaxation Therapist by SNHS (School of Natural Health Science) and I m still continuing education and training on this school with stress management. Combination of working with Angels and therapy that  works  with body and physical dimension helped me   to live life I always wanted...

Laluna, Mojca Koprivnikar s.p.
Njegoševa c. 19b
1000 Ljubljana
E-mail: lalunaangelacademy@gmail.com
Tel: +386 51 305 224

NOTE: School of Natural Health Science (Professional Relaxation Therapy) in accredited by The International Institute for Complementary Therapists, The International College of Holistic Medicine, The International College of Holistic Medicine, British Holistic Medical Association

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