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Enter New Aquarien Age  consciousness

Angel Workshops, Meditations, Sessions, Readings

Programm for  Inner Transformation 

Programms for Self-healing, Personal&Spiritual Growth


Angels Workshops, Healing, Readings & Meditations

As A Qualified Teacher of Angels of Diana Cooper School of White Light I am offering you Angel Workshops, Healing Sessions, Readings and Meditations ...


Professional Relaxation Therapy  by    S.N.H.S.

Professional Relaxation Therapy has been shown to improve the quality of everyday life. It will help you with building the skills of resilience to adversity and stress ...


Eternal Light Healing® -   Healing for New  Millenium

These beautiful healing energies  work on all levels, body, mind, emotions and spirit. This energies can help you balance and realign, having a very powerful effect on the well - being of the recipient.


 Transform Your Life with Energy Transformational Therapy

New consciousness, New Happiness. Transform Your Life.

Leave old patterns, beliefs, break the vicious circles and go up the spiral and reach happiness, freedom, abundance and live your potentials.


Unicorn  Treasury of Knowledge:
Meditations for CHILDREN    - Unicorns, Creative play

We would like for our future Children to feel good and to know Life skills. Not only to work on their Mind but also Heart, Imagination and first of all to develop their inner endless unique potentials ...

What can We do for You?

It is of Great Importance for every single one of Us on this Planet to raise vibration and start to live Life from The Heart and in accordance with Our soul-mission. We need to develop different values.This is happening right now! Laluna Angels and Wellbeing Academy has been established to offer you support and "tools" to live a happy, loving, abundant life with a positive state of mind no matter how difficult the situation. We offer Angel workshops, Professional Relaxation Therapy, Eternal Light Healing and Children Workshops ...

Tools For New Millennium

Raise your vibration and align with your Heart&Soul with Angel Workshops, Healing Sessions, Angel Reading&Meditations

Relax Yourself and Your body from stress, tensions and let go of burdens with Professional Relaxation Therapy

Work on Your Body, Mind and Soul with Eternal Light Healing

Bring your kids to Temple of high vibration and support them with new life skills

Getting Help

 We offer you a vast range of "tools" with which you can reach a high level of wellbeing, inner peace and positive state of being in all areas of your life. We offer you different therapies, counseling, alternative healing techniques  which can help you to  establish   relationships you always wanted, find    your life purpose, ease difficult situations and simply to live happy and abundant  life.




Professional Relaxation Therapy


Eternal Light Healing


Children Workshops

Stress Managment

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NOTE: School of Natural Health Science (Professional Relaxation Therapy) in accredited by The International Institute for Complementary Therapists, The International College of Holistic Medicine, The International College of Holistic Medicine, British Holistic Medical Association

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